I have always enjoyed accessorizing. A piece of jewelry transforms your look from “blah” to “ahhhh.” It takes a simple tee and turns it into an outfit. But this is also one of the biggest fashion dilemmas I’ve heard since the doors of the boutique have opened. And thus, this post is coming to life.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that fashion has no rules. Don’t let these ideas limit you but rather let them provide a quick guideline in your times of need.

The easiest explanation I can use for how I add a necklace to an outfit? Fill the space.  Above you will see a few examples of some of the most common necklines and how I’ve defined “the space.”

What does this mean exactly? I think of the space as the skin exposed by the top (or dress). In the case of the crew neck example, where no skin below the neck is exposed, the space becomes the top.

Off the Shoulder
I love the look of layered necklaces with off the shoulder styles. Sure you could pick one or the other, but I think these two trends blend well together.  Chokers look great with off the shoulder tops & dresses because they highlight your neck and décolletage. As well as a long necklace has a very slimming effect, which is perfect for a top that cuts a straight line across your shoulders.

White Sands Top $35

Crew Neck
             As a neckline gets closer to the neck, the space becomes the shirt instead of the exposed skin. In particular, this is a solid top, so we can fill the entire shirt! That’s why I’ve selected a long necklace for this one. Again, it’s slimming and adds interest to an otherwise plain tee.

Lucky in Love Tee $35

Scoop Neck
  The space to fill for this example is the exposed skin around the neck. For a printed scoop neckline, I gravitate towards a short pendant. For a plain scoop neck top or dress, you could choose a long necklace (like the crew neckline above) or still fill the neckline space with a short necklace. 

Spring Fever Tank $30

Detailed Neckline
I would describe a detailed neckline top or dress as one with crossed straps or cutout details. This is an increasingly popular style. You could easily go without a necklace on these kinds of tops and opt of earrings instead. However, should you feel a necklace works best for you, I would go for one that doesn’t conflict with the top. In this particular example, a choker is perfect because it doesn’t cover any unique details.

Keep it Fresh Tank $27.50

Hopefully by the time you’re reading this example, you know what I’m about to say! The space is the V-shaped exposed skin. For a printed tank such as this, a short and delicate necklace is perfect for filling the space but still allowing the print to shine. Likewise, for a solid v-neck top you could try a larger, statement necklace to add interest.

Sunny Days Tank $25

Hopefully this post has been helpful in determining a quick & easy way to add necklaces to any outfit. Still wondering how to make it work? Let me know in the comments and together we’ll make your accessorizing dreams come true!