Hey there! I’m sure you have checked out our latest summer lookbook photos and if you haven’t, you’re totally missing out. However, today I would like to share with you a little bit about what goes into putting this project together (other than my heart & soul, literally)!

Creating a lookbook is so much fun but it’s also a ton of work. From selecting the collection to planning the shoot location, the amount of preparation is immense for a seemingly easy project such as this.

Prep work complete, shoot day rolls around faster and faster every season. It’s usually an all day event and I sleep like a baby when it’s over. The girls and I have a blast looking for the perfect photo ops.

Major props to these two cuties that I have had the pleasure of working with over the last year. For the perfect photos they’ve endured freezing cold temps (seriously 32 degrees), hours and hours on their feet (often in high heels, ouch), and less than desirable changing locations. But, they’ve managed the challenges like champs and with smiles on their faces to help me bring you our seasonal collections.

Once shoot day is over, I spend hours, literally hours, selecting my favorite pictures and making minor editing adjustments. I’m certainly no professional photographer so sometimes this is the longest step for me, but I always enjoy it. Here are just a handful of the “outtakes” from this last shoot. Hope you enjoy!